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What Are The Best B12 Supplements On The Market?

Vitamin B12 is necessary for the creation of fatty acids, DNA, and production of energy. It is normally produced by bacteria in the body. The human body cannot function without the right B12 levels. Lack of this vitamin in the body can lead to depression. Deficiency of vitamin B in the body also leads to memory problems, infertility, anxiety, cancer and bipolar disorder. By taking vitamins, your body will function properly. It is, therefore, advisable that you get B12 supplements if you are experiencing such symptoms. However, given the high number of supplements in the market, it is not easy to make a choice on the best one.

Here are some of the best B12 supplementsĀ that you can use.

Jarrow Formulas Methylcobalamin

MethylcobalaminMethylcobalamin is one of the best supplements on the market. This supplement is made using methylcobalamin which is absorbed quickly by the body. It will increase your energy levels, improve sleep and protect the brain cells. The bottle has 60 lozenges, and you just have to take one tablet per day. Each tablet has 500mcg that has the recommended value of vitamin B12. It is cherry flavored which has a great taste. This supplement has a lot of positive reviews which shows that it is effective.

Live wise natural vitamin B12 sublingual liquid drops

The sublingual liquid drops are also made of methylcobalamin. The only difference is that it is in liquid form. Therefore, it has a high absorption rate. It helps improve cognitive abilities, nervous system, and mental clarity. The recommended dosage is 15 drops. Swish the sublingual drops the same way you would do mouthwash. It is advisable not to eat anything 10 minutes after taking this supplement. The downside of this supplement is its strong taste.

Active B12 Lozenges with l-5-MTHF

Active B12 supplement is also made of methylcobalamin. It is in lozenge form and contains L-methyl folate. L-methyl folate supports reproduction of DNA as well as regulating homocysteine levels. It has a cherry flavor and does not contain allergens. Each lozenge has 8000mcg L-5-MTHF and 1000mcg bioactive B12 for improving cognitive abilities and energy levels. The recommended dosage of this supplement is one lozenge per day.

Now Foods B12

 methylcobalamin, and cyanocobalaminThe now foods lozenges are made using folic acid, methylcobalamin, and cyanocobalamin. It improves metabolism and also supports the nervous system. Additionally, this supplement helps in the synthesis of DNA. A bottle of Now Foods has 100 lozenges. You are required to take one capsule a day. By taking now foods supplement, you increase your red blood cells. It is free from yeast, gluten, salt, soy, and shellfish.