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Healthy Ways to Boost Metabolism

You have heard people talk about slow metabolism. Some people do regular exercises and control the intake of calories, but yet they cannot achieve their weight loss goals. What do you think is the reason for this? Slow metabolism is responsible. What are the healthy ways to boost metabolism then? Let’s find out;

Known healthy ways to boost metabolism

1. Drink enough water

Nutritionists recommend at least six gwaterlasses of water every day. Water helps your body to process calories easily. Remember, a dehydrated body slows down the its rate and consequently may cause a series of healthy problems. It is recommended to drink a glass of water just before every snack or meal. Some fresh fruits such as mangoes can be a great source of hydrating your body.

2. Have enough sleep at night

Studies have revealed that lack of enough sleep slows down the rate of metabolism in children and adult men and women. Your body needs at least 7 hours of quality sleep for maximum performance to take place. Too often, inadequate sleep your brain’s secretion of cortisol which hinders hinders in the long run.

3. Drink green tea

Green tea contains catechins and caffeine, substances that boost the rate of metabolism. Studies have revealed that an average of three cups of green tea increases it by 17%. Therefore, drinking this tea before any workout can be helpful.

4. Intensify your workout

If you step up your workout, you will burn more calories in lesser time. Look for the best strategy to incorporate into your cardio workout. For example, ten seconds of sprinting can burn more calories compared to twenty minutes of riding a stationary bike at a high pace.

During your workout, you should slow things down to ensure that the rate of muscle tissue breakdown is accelerated. Moreover, you combine your workouts with fish-oil supplements for increased activity of fat-burning enzymes.

5. Spice up meals

Undeniably, mealsspicy meals can take your rate of metabolism to the next level. Such kind of meals contains natural ingredients that are believed to boost metabolism. Spices like red or green chili pepper can do the hack perfectly. However, the effect of spices is temporary, but a constant spicing of your food can lead to well-pronounced results. For the best results, you can opt for red pepper to spice up chili, pasta dishes, stews or any other food.