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The Benefits of Receiving Outplacement after Dismissal

Due one reason or another, your employer may decide to terminate your employment at a time when you still want to pursue your profession. Outplacement being a professional guidance given to employees dismissed from an organization to facilitate them to continue with their careers is critical for everyone facing such a phenomenon. Should your employer declare redundant due to gross misconduct, criminal offense, incompetence or any other reason, consider applying for outplacement services from ucare outplacement. Below are some of the advantages accruing to an employee by receiving outplacement services when his/her employment is terminated:

General information

Information on your rights

hiredAs an employee, before you leave your organization there are some rights you are supposed to enjoy during the termination process. Such rights include the right to getting all the payments due to you because of the redundancy notice. You will be informed of the effective date of the redundancy, which is to take place thirty days after the day of a written notice submitted to your representative. You will also understand whether your employer followed the due process regarding legal requirements as well as the validity of the reasons for dismissal. You also have a right to outplacement whether you were a full-time or a part-time worker in a private or public company. Members of staff who do not submit proposals for outplacement often ignore such rights.

Career guidance and counseling

The most significant thing you would want after losing a job is getting someone to talk to you and council you on the way forward. Most people leaving organizations, particularly after committing serious offenses are likely to stay jobless for many years because other employers would not want to hire them. They will also feel disappointed in life and lose their self-esteem. However, the outplacement professionals can advise you on how to pick the pieces and build your career even after being declared redundant. They will help you to overcome the effects of dismissal and network you with other employers for possible employment.

Free proposal submission

keyboardSince it your right as an employee to go for outplacement after dismissal from your organization, your company is entitled to give you a free proposal form, which you will fill and submit to the professionals. The process is very affordable in addition to being simple and fast to facilitate those losing their employment to receive these services with minimum hindrance. Once you apply for outplacement, it does not matter the reason for your dismissal; you will receive equal treatment, and your questions will be answered accordingly.