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4 Proven Ways To Stop Hair Loss

Everyone dreams of having a smooth and flawless hair. But hair loss is a common problem nowadays. Even though hair loss is painless, it does sometimes cause embarrassment among others. To learn how to cope with this condition, Body Hacking offer invaluable tips to comat loss of hair. Hair loss may be due to many factors such as genetics, environmental pollution, illness or improper diet. Here are some of the proven ways to prevent hair loss.

1. Proper Care Of Hairbald man

To avoid hair loss, the most important thing is to keep the scalp clean. Washing the hair with mild shampoo does the trick. The shampoo may starve your hair of essential natural oils, so choosing a shampoo with the proper ingredients is important. One should look for glucoside instead of sulphur in shampoos. Silicones are also good ingredients for hair. Regular scalp massage and use of proper hair brush is also key to preventing hair loss.

2. Balanced diet

Proper diet is key to good health and healthy hair. The growth of hair largely depends on nutrition and food provides the necessary nutrition. A healthy body provides the base for healthy hair. Iron-rich food like chicken and meat is important to prevent hair loss. Vegetables such as spinach or broccoli also help to avoid hair loss. Foods rich in biotin and Vitamin C play a crucial role in giving your body necessary nutrients. Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C and grains are rich in biotins. You should have knowledge of what you are eating.

3. Avoid damaging hair

total hair lossUse of hair dryers makes hair weak as heating weakens the proteins in hair and eventually causes hair fall. One should encourage natural drying to prevent hair loss. Use of hair straighteners also weakens hair. Continuous heating may damage the follicles in the scalp. Use of chemical straightening and dyes should be avoided. Bleaching of hair should be discouraged as it starves the hair of necessary pigments. Use of clips or continuous pulling of hair also causes hair fall.

4. Medical aid

Consulting a doctor and following proper medication also helps to reduce hair loss. But this step should be followed when hair loss is acute along with swelling in the scalp. When hair loss is genetics based should be consulted with a doctor. Iron supplements help in getting proper nutrition for healthy hair.Hair loss can be a symptom of illness or improper health. Do consult doctor if you face acute hair loss. A healthy mind grows in a healthy body.