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Services offered by gynecologists

A gynecologist is a person who will be responsible for your reproductive system as a woman at the early age of your life until your old. It’s wise that after a girl turns 18 and she’s sexually active to visit the gynecologist. But so many women will be hesitant because they have no idea about some of the services that they will be able to get from the gynecologist, there are so many things to expect when visiting the doctor because he or she will be concerned with your overall health. Here is a list of some of the services offered by ginekoloski pregled beograd;



There are women for one reason or another they have no plans of having kids maybe because they are young, have enough kids already, or they just don’t want kids. The gynecologist will be the best person that will be able to help with the way forward. He or she will be competent to advise you on the best family birth control measures that will suit your body. If you are already pregnant, it’s wise to visit the gynecologist so that to be able to ensure that the baby is healthy and you are healthy as well. The gynecologist will ensure that he or she schedules visit days during the pregnancy period.


Menopause is another part of life that women have to deal with. And there are so many changes that will happen in a woman’s body that sometimes it will be confusing for them to know how to handle it. The best thing that you will be able to go to the gynecologist so that to find out if the changes that you are experiencing are normal. He or she will be able to advise you on ways that you should go about the whole process and some of the things to do to make sure you’re comfortable.

Menstrual cycle


Women are different, and every menstrual cycle will not be the same. Some women will have regular periods while other will have irregular. There is nothing wrong with both, but in the case of the irregular periods if they become severe and they take place more than twice in one month then you should make plans and see a gynecologist. If you are one among the so many women that experience mild pain when you are in your periods, then it’s wise that you talk to a gynecologist. He or she will recommend something that you can take for the pain.