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Tips To Consider When Buying A Crib Mattress

The importance of crib mattresses can be highlighted by the fact that your baby will spend a significant portion of their lives within that crib. Unless you decide to keep a tab on your baby’s routine, many hardly notice that infants spend close to 18 hours a day asleep. Ensure that the mattress perfectly fits within the crib without exposing gaps which may pose a danger to the baby. It’s advisable that the mattress is firm so that your infant child is not exposed to any risk of suffocation. Here are some great things to look out for when selecting a crib mattress.

Considerations When Buying A Crib Mattress


Always ensure quality is one of your top priorities. Mattresses with thin vinyl coverings and edges that can tear easily dry out or crack over time. The more the prices increase the mattress coverings become thicker, resistant to punctures, laminates are more reinforced and contain organic cotton.

Overlook the cover

Never arrive at a mattress decision based on the appearance of its outer cover. What to look out for when buying a mattress is it’s inside feeling. There are some mattresses which feel great within your store but begin to falter when your baby frequently uses it. Innerspring mattresses are much better than foam mattresses which lose form in barely 18 months.

Carefully compare at the local retailers

On doing a little research, you can have a rough idea on what price points to expect for your mattress. Head to your nearby store and select a high-quality crib mattress. Begin by checking out its label. All manufacturers are legally required to reveal to the consumer what the mattress is made of. Do not purchase any mattress from a manufacturer who has not disclosed this information.

Go for brand new

It is advisable you buy a crib mattress that is straight off the shelves if possible. This ensures that you that its sanitary state is guaranteed. Those who opt for used mattresses or those handed down are never certain of how they were stored or cared for.

Do not be swayed by warranties

Some mattresses offer the consumers lifetime warranties. This does not mean much and should not be the basis for your purchase decision. In most cases, warranties are just a marketing and promotional tool so that you can part with more money.


CribWhen searching a suitable mattress for your crib it first seems like an easy task until you go out looking for one. Ensure to settle for only the best quality mattress for infants. The safety and comfort of your baby should always be your top priority.