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Symptoms And Treatment Options On Genital Herpes

Genital herpes is a viral infection that is transmitted through contact. The number of patients suffering from it is quite high, with most people not even aware that they have the virus. The medical fraternity has been working hard for decades trying to come up with a cure that can permanently clear the virus from the body. There are several recommendations of treatment or management of the condition as well as transmission preventative precautions.

Symptoms of herpes

First symptomsherpes

The first signs and symptoms of herpes usually become apparent within two to four weeks after contracting the virus. Flu-like symptoms will be the first to occur, including fever and headaches. It might be a bit difficult to determine if the symptoms are related to herpes, and getting a professional diagnosis the only way to be sure. Several tests will be conducted, including blood tests, viral culture, and serological tests to come up with the conclusion.

Main symptoms

Different people experience different symptoms of herpes, with many even being able to go without any unnoticeable symptoms at all. The main symptoms will include lower back pain, an itching or burning sensation on and around the genitals, red bumps on the genitals, and pain when urinating. The red bumps will develop into blisters that may be painful, which will later crust over as they heal. Other likely symptoms include swollen lymph glands, muscle ache, penis/vaginal discharge, and infection of the urethra, which causes burning sensation when urinating.

Treatment of herpes

Medical treatments

woman with glassesFor effective treatment to be done, the right diagnosis has to be made first. It is recommended that you get a professional doctor to conduct the diagnosis as soon as you notice any of the symptoms. Most of the medications given for herpes are usually just to manage the flare-ups and reduce the healing time of the sores. They also lessen the frequency with which outbreaks occur as well as the chances of spreading the virus to a sexual partner.

Optional treatments

Taking antiviral medication as prescribed by the doctor is critical during the treatment process. They reduce the viral shedding, limiting the possible outbreaks of herpes. There are different kinds of the medication for the initial, the intermittent and regular treatment. The HSV eraser from christine buehler official website provides a lasting solution if you wish to get efficient and permanent results.